Our Coalition Partners

The RBWM Climate Emergency Coalition is a non-political collective of individuals and groups who are all determined to address the climate emergency that we face.

If you would like to join us as a coalition partner please get in touch.

Wild About Datchet is a new community group working to improve biodiversity for the benefit of wildlife and local people. https://www.wildaboutdatchet.com/

MaidEnergy is a volunteer-led not for profit co-operative committed to cutting carbon emissions and enabling community ownership of locally generated renewable energy. Their latest community share offer to fund up to 10 local solar PV installations raised over £260,000. MaidEnergy’s new community share offer will launch on 10 March 2020. https://shareoffer.maidenergy.coop/

Ascot Community Environmental Network is a Transition Initiative, active in Sunningdale, Sunninghill, Ascot, Winkfield and beyond. We are a HUB for individuals and groups, in order to encourage and facilitate contacts between our wide-ranging concerns for the environment.

Plastic Free Communities are being established across the UK with the intention of reducing the volume of single use plastics that reach our oceans. Plastic Free Maidenhead is a local partner of the RBWM CEC.

Wild Maidenhead, along with it’s partner organisation Wild Cookham, has been set up to help look after the wild things and wild places in our area. They want to discover, celebrate, support and protect our biodiversity, whether in the area’s 3,000 acres of domestic gardens, or in parks, wildlife areas, nature reserves and Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs).

Filling Good Zero Waste Shop started out as a pop-up store inside the Craft Coop at the Nicholson Shopping Centre.  Opening just two days a week with a limited range of products, it proved to be a good way of inspiring hundreds of local people to reduce their plastic waste.  In January 2020 founder Nelly Semaille and three volunteer directors launched a Community Share Scheme that has successfully raised sufficient funds to make Filling Good a permanent shop in Maidenhead.

The team plan to create a wonderful, welcoming space that does so much more than could be expected from a ‘simple shop’… but meanwhile Filling Good can still be found at Craft Coop every Friday and Saturday.

The RBWM Climate Community is a community of local people in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead with a passion to address the climate crisis through making real change.

The group’s mission is to: educate & inspire residents, schools and businesses to act; encourage & support local environmental groups to work together for maximum impact; and assist & facilitate the council in its endeavours to execute the Climate Emergency plan. For more information about The RBWM Climate Community find them on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/therbwmclimatecommunity

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